Palm Point Nature Park

Nestled on the outskirts of Gainesville is Palm Point Nature Park, a 16.1 acre nature park, and a quiet, little hidden gem with trails covered in big cypress, oak and palm trees. But the real attraction comes when visitors walk down the shaded, moss-covered trails to the panoramic views of Newnans Lake. Birds, wildlife and … Continue reading Palm Point Nature Park

La Chua Trail

Payne’s Prairie State Park became Florida’s first state preserve in 1970 when the state purchased the land from the Camp family; and located at the north entrance of Payne’s Prairie is the charming La Chua Trail. While Gainesville is known for its alligators, the La Chua Trail is home to such local wildlife as wild … Continue reading La Chua Trail

Cilantro Tacos

Taco bout love. Who would’ve thought a traffic jam would be the stepping stone to Cilantro Tacos? Back in 2013, Nareth Meth and his son were sitting in San Diego traffic, decided enough was enough, packed up and moved to Newberry, and the rest is history. Cilantro taco is a quant, modest restaurant in Newberry. … Continue reading Cilantro Tacos