Gainesville Coffee Company Makes Big Claim

Brio Coffee in Gainesville is doing something that other coffee companies aren’t.

You might be familiar with the term “farm to table,” but what about “Farm to bottle”?

According to Brio Coffee, their farm to shelf only takes 21 days. To see how this works, Brio Coffee has a diagram to explain the entire process.

Although the diagram may make it look simple, Farm to Bottle is anything but easy. Brio Coffee only produces one type of coffee: Brio Cold Brew Coffee.

Brio Cold Brew Coffee is only available in a bottle that you can purchase at a store, and there are no Brio Coffee shops around town that sell desserts and play relaxing music while you sit at your laptop.  They don’t even have a big sign to advertise for their customers to find.

But, Brio Coffee does have 48 locations throughout Gainesville and the surrounding area where you could purchase their cold brew coffee. Some of my favorite locations that are not out of the way of my weekly routine are: Ward’s Supermarket, The Chevron gas stations on South Main Street and West University Avenue, Uppercrust next to The Fresh Market, and Vale Food Co.

Brio Coffee tastes sweet with notes of pomegranate, cranberry, blackberry and lemongrass, and has a high caffeine content. The coffee beans are 100% Columbian and their bottles come in two sizes: 8 oz and 32 oz.

There is some added cost when you buy coffee that is picked, shipped, roasted and bottled in under 21 days.

On the Brio Coffee Website there are three variations and price points to purchase their coffee:

1st option – three 8 oz bottles for $11.99

2nd option – two 32 oz bottles for $29.99

3rd option – a combination of the two -one 8 oz bottle with a 32 oz bottle for $18.99.

Prices do not include the $14.99 shipping charge applied to every order.

Being able to drink fresh cold brew coffee only 21-days after harvest sets Brio Coffee apart from their competition. And so does their mission statement:

“To revive and bring freshness to our communities through brio! As a catalyst for action; to inspire change, promote creativity, spark curiosity, and propel mind, body and soul. Wake Up! The World Needs You!”

In my opinion, this company is raising the standards for how quickly our coffee gets into our cups. I believe that coffee companies everywhere will take notice and try to duplicate what Brio Coffee has done.