Leonardo’s By the Slice

Leonardo’s By the Slice is good. Like can’t stop, hurts to breathe from being so full and happy good.

Is it worth it?


Would I do it again?

Considering I have no self-control, more than likely.

If you have never been to Leonardo’s By the Slice, I highly suggest you go. Their slices are bigger than your face.

I was worried two slices wouldn’t fill me up, and the outcome to that dilemma should be obvious by now.

Even before you order, there’s a lot to take in when you walk inside Leonardo’s. The chalkboard written menu is located above the counter, and there’s plenty of beautiful, eclectic artwork on the walls to admire while you eat.

Leonardo’s has everything from New York style slices, to thick slices, to specialty thin pies, to specialty thick pies, to rolls, to pasta dishes, to salads and desserts. They even have vegan and vegetarian options.

You can customize a cheese slice by adding any of their delicious topping choices with over twenty to choose from, or try one of their specialty pies by the slice. If one slice isn’t enough or you want to share, you can order a whole pizza and take it with you.

Every day Leonardo’s does a different “Slice of the Day,” so make to plan ahead for your favorite.

Condiments such as garlic, parmesan, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper underneath the TV.

You can sit in one of the many booths that line the walls, or a table in the middle of the dining room. If that’s full, or its nice out, sit outside on the front or back patio. Although the back patio looks out over the parking lot, the front patio gives you a front row seat to people watch along University Avenue.

The food and people watching is tough to beat in Gainesville.

Leonardo’s By the Slice has been a Gainesville tradition since 1973, but sadly not for much longer. The University of Florida has bought the property and Leonardo’s will have to move sometime around July, 2018. So you still have time to go check it out.  

Not that you really need an excuse to go.

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